THERMACO is a European Project with the focus on the expanding demand for heat evacuation applications in fields such as power microelectronics, e-mobility or (renewable) energy generation, which is motivating today's suppliers to come up with increasingly improved heat conductive materials. THERMACO started in September 2013 and aims to develop specialized improved heat conductive materials based on Aluminium metal matrix composites improved with carbon-based thermal reinforcements.

Continuous highly heat conductive routes consisting of carbon-based Graphene or TPG material will be created and integrated within the structural part, which will lead to dispersion/collection areas at surfaces with optimized thermal transfer properties. The structural material of the product will be regular cast Aluminium, thus allowing for an integration of those thermal highways into complex shaped, task-specific parts within a wide range of applications.

The outcomes of the project will lead to a technological breakthrough and a change of concept in every heat management application since the limiting factors of size of the cooling area or the demand for external heat transfer solutions can be overcome.